Nursing Care

Nursing Care

“Care and Cure at fingertips”

When you are looking for post operative care, or a nursing assistant for maternity and childcare needs, we help you with nursing care at home in Dubai. We also provide assistance in geriatric care, palliative care, child and baby-sitting facilities all across Dubai. We give affordable home care for elderly people The duration of assistance can range from a single visit to 24x7 service. Now you need not worry about taking care of your elderly parents or little kids at home while you have a busy schedule at the office. We provide the best nursing care services in Dubai, as we have the most qualified and experienced nurses with us who are dedicatedly working towards the betterment of each patient. We help you go through short- or long-term nursing services. We ensure our services are provided to you anytime and anywhere despite your location as we work in association with corporates, educational institutions, hotels, nurseries, ships, labor camps etc.

Nursing Care

It provides altogether care along with treatment assistance to patients. The well qualified and trained nurses attend to your medication cycle without fail. They accurately provide the right assessment and ensure you are given the correct dosage of medicine. They ensure your vital signs are always under control by ensuring the best nursing care in Dubai. It is always necessary to be under strict supervision while you are undergoing any medication cycle. We at care on board ensures this strong support as a dedicated nursing professional will take care of your every need 24X7.Avantages of having a nursing assistant includes personalized care, well trained assistance, frequent supervision and timely attention, professional and systematic care. Along with providing nursing care assistance at home, we also tie up with corporates to provide care anywhere across the UAE. Our nurses are not just trained to be caregivers but they are so trained to act like an extended family member so that they provide absolute care during your journey to recovery. We provide critical care for bed ridden patients as well as general nursing care. Trusted maternity and newborn care at home in Dubai is easily available through care on board.

Care Giver

Elderly people and children are the two categories that require complete care as a result of their age. Efficient and well-trained group of caregivers provide complete individual care especially for elderly. Pediatric care at home is also gaining importance. We make sure you receive the best home caregiver assistance in Dubai from us. Old age and geriatric care is a complicated process but unavoidable. We completely understand the importance of the process and assign our specially trained nurses to take care of your elderly parents. Aged people need to be handled with extreme care both physically and psychologically as they are undergoing the degeneration process. Right from feeding to diabetes monitoring and wound dressing our trained professionals take care of each and every aspect in the most professional way. Our nursing professionals are well trained in every domain like bed sore management, pressure point care, providing emotional support and much more. Care on Board does the best elderly medical care at home in Dubai.

Our Home Nursing Care Services Include

Post Operative care

After the surgical procedure, there are a lot of things to be taken care of including the medicine cycle and diet. Our professionally trained nurses assist you in taking care of all these aspects and manage to avoid the related complications.

Post Discharge and hospitalization Care

Once discharged from hospital, the doctor might advisepatients to be under proper supervision for the complete recovery. We help you get assistance from trained and qualified professionals so that you can continue to be in proper care until you revive completely.

Therapy treatments care

IV therapy treatments need to be done under a professional supervision. Whether it is for medication like chemotherapy or blood transfusion and vitamin therapy, our nurses assist you in taking the same in a highly secure and professional manner.

Nursing Care at Night

Sometimes, the patients might need to be assisted all throughout the clock and it would be difficult for the people around to provide the same. Our well- trained nurses can support you during the night and all through the day extending long- term or short- term services.

Injury and wound Care

A wound or injury needs to be treated in the most hygienic manner and it would be often difficult for normal people to deal with heavy injuries or wounds that may be the outcome of a surgery or illness. We provide nursing assistance to take care of wounds and injuries till it gets healed.

Oxygen Support Care

In serious medical conditions, it may be mandatory to maintain the exact amount of oxygen level. In such cases our nursing professionals will help you collect all vital information related to the body and maintain the right level of oxygen.

Medicinal cycle support

It might be often a tough job to completely follow the medication cycle for patients as advised by the doctor especially when we are busy with offices and daily chores. In such cases we help you assist the patients to follow their medicinal cycle without fail through our nursing services.

Diabetes treatment and support

Through complete blood sugar level management, our nurses help you go through your diabetic control system in the most systematic manner. They help you go through regular physical exercises, dietary controls and medication to make them under control.