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Why is nursing care at home a better option?

Home care based assistance is increasingly becoming a necessity especially for the elderly people. More than convenience, it keeps patients protected from the infections that they would come across during hospital visits. The main advantage of having health care assistance at home is that it promotes recovery by increasing the pace of healing. Many people get well and recover faster when treated at the comforts of their home. Whether it is from a long-term illness, a post -surgery care or a fall, the recovery rate is faster compared to the hospitalization. It is highly cost effective to get the assistance at home compared to the cost incurred during hospitalization. Hospitalization further involves the risk of infection as there will be a number of people coming in close contact during the procedures. However, home-based care provides a more personalized and one to one attention. There are organizations that provide 24*7 services which involve across the clock assistance. Hospitalization provides the same care to everyone but when it comes to home based care, the individual attention will aid in better comfort and fast recovery. When the elderly people are let alone with continuing prolonged medication, there are chances for overdose, harmful mixing of medicines, missing some important medicines etc. When they are attended by a professional all these aspects can be monitored and done under their strict supervision.

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