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Health and wellness

The state of the body free from illness and sickness is healthy. Wellness happens when the body and mind is tuned and balanced in a perfect manner that accounts for the positive approach towards life. An active state of body and mind that helps a person to move towards achieving the ultimate happiness is what well-being is all about. Every person should focus both on health and wellness to achieve it. The immediate factors contributing to health include social, physical and economical surroundings. Personal characteristics and behavior also account for health. Wellness includes several factors like emotion, spiritual, intellectual, occupational aspects.
Wellness has very direct impact on health. It can be said that health is the target and wellness is a continued process of achieving the target. The major difference between health and wellness is that we cannot have a direct control over our health but have the control over the decisions that contribute towards wellness. There are various methods for improving the general health and wellness. Some of them includes,
Eat wholesome meal
Taking a balanced diet directly improves general health as studies and research has proved the direct connection between health and diet. The food also has a direct link between mood and mental health. To maintain the adequate supply of nutrients to the body, one should have a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals including fiber. This ensures a healthy body and mind.
Regular Exercise
: Exercising regularly keeps the body fit by controlling the blood pressure, Maintaining the body weight and helping improve mental health. It stimulates the body and mind. Walking regularly not only helps you to boost physical and mental health but also helps the environment by reducing fuel usage. Walking to nearby places will surely have an added advantage as it helps you to save money spent on fuel as well.
Routine mental exercise
Mental exercises are equally important. Learning a new skill, solving puzzles, indulging in creative works will abilities and help you improve boost the intellectual the mental health.
Peaceful sleep
Sleep plays a great role in the health and metabolic activities. A proper sleep itself is a cure to many illnesses faced by the current generation. It also aids mental health. Sleeplessness can lead to severe health and mental disorders. Quality sleep reduces stress, improves memory, helpful for better concentration, helps smooth functioning of the digestive system and other organs. Having a regular and routine timing for sleep is always good for regulating the biological clock.
Thus, health and wellbeing are two different entities but are interconnected. A proper balance of these two factors will surely help a person to lead a quality life. In the busy schedules, proper time and care need to be given to address these aspects of life.

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