About Us

Welcome To Care Onboard

Care on Board is a team of doctors and professionals who are dedicatedly working towards the betterment of the system health care in Dubai.
Managed under the guidance and support of an efficient team, the system is confident in bringing out a revolution in the healthcare industry.
Being able to attend to the needs of patients at their comfort zones, we make sure best treatments are delivered to each and every one without going through the hurdles and complexities of hospital formalities.Home medical health care services are gaining importance these days due to the busy schedule of people especially when both partners are working

Our Story

Today, everything right from our food, clothing to electrical equipment is available online. When every day-to-day aspect of human life is met online, then why not the lifesaving matter? This thought actually provided an insight into the possibilities of an online health care system. Then, a group of like-minded physicians and health care professionals came together and formed Care On Board. The guidance and supervision of Dr Shan actualized the process and it was triggered by the covid scenario. During the time of pandemic, it was disheartening to see many patients suffering due to delayed treatments or situations where they were not able to reach the hospital for treatment due to the risky scenario of reaching out to hospitals. The elderly people and infants suffered a lot during this time. This led to the immediate functioning of care on board so as to assist them in case of similar situations that may arise in future.

While framing such a system our major concern was to make treatments available to people at the earliest. No patients should suffer as a result of time required for getting access to better treatments. We work along with corporate offices and hotels to make our services available to all at any time. Providing personalized care to each patient might be a tough job in case of hospital treatments as doctors would be busy taking care of impatiens, OP consultation etc. But in a system where the treatments are provided at the comfort of the patient's home, offices, hotel rooms or any convenient locations, a one-to-one attention can be given all the time.
We also ensure that premium health services are accessible by everyone as our services are highly affordable and available 24x7. We not only serve patients at home, but make sure our services are rendered for corporate clients like hotels and resorts. Thus, we are truly aiming for a complete revival of the health care system in Dubai and are committed to provide the best health care system that nourishes every aspect of an individual.

Our Vision

“To become first choice in promotive , preventive & curative health care providers in the region”

Our Mission

“To provide advanced patient centred care and support that enhances the health & wellbeing of the families and communities”